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Metal roofing systems are one of the fastest growing segments of the roofing industry. There are four times as many metal roofs in existence today then there were 10 years ago. They are extremely durable, and energy efficient. They provide exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions, including high wind, hail and snow. Metal roofs are also fire resistant.

Metal roof systems fall into three basic steep-slope roofing applications.

  1. Architectural Metal Panel roof systems, that shed water and are designed for use on steep-slope roofs.

  2. Structural Metal Panel roof systems, which are used on both low-slope and steep-slope roofs.
  3. They are used for low-slope roofs because of their water barrier, or hydrostatic characteristics.

  4. Metal shingle panel systems, provide the same hydrostatic properties, and are often used for smaller roof areas.

Metal roofing systems are manufactured in many colors and architectural styles. They are available in traditional vertical seam profiles, or made to resemble wood shake, clay tiles, slate, or shingles.

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